The answer is: IDASearch.

IDASearch helps you to make right decision, to supply your customers on the best way. It measures the way of the content from the early beginning through advanced technology.

In-depth analyse all of your contents from the birth to screen through the propagation on social network, so you can be sure, that you supply your customers on the highest quality.


Ok. But How can I use it?

Content analysis

Content suggestion

CTR statistics

Content analysis

Using content analysis, you will clearly see which source domain performing the best. Through the analysis you will get to know, that the website: How often at what quality posts, how extensive their social presence and how spread the specific content on the social net. The statistics shows which content is the most popular, which content was shared and commented

Content suggestions

The the online popularity of your published contents can be easily measured by content suggestion. Using built-in content suggestion boxes and related statistics,you will be easily know which content what popularity has, so you can easily offer for your customers exactly what they really need.

CTR statistics

Using click-through measurement system you will exactly see where your customers were "walking" and clicking. By the helping hand of the system can easily customize the appearance of our web pages, To provide the maximum user experience for visitors..